The 10 best android apps for Nigerian college students.


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It’s quite bewildering that Nigerian college students spend most of their time online via social network and also spend 80% of their school hours online with their smartphones. It is basically a surface phenomenon in Nigeria that students are more concentrated with their time on social media than with reasonable apps that could help boost academics.

Unlike the white students, Nigerian students do not fancy dictionary, word predictor, and Grammarly apps as do the white men. So in this effect, we have organised a complete list of apps that the Nigerian students spend almost all their time in. It is almost not comfortable saying this out to the public but it really is annoying.

Here are the list of the apps:


The WhatsApp application ranks as the number one in this row because it runs with low data rate and it is easily accessible to read direct message than the Facebook app itself. Considering the WhatsApp application doesn’t have much entertainment platforms like the Facebook and Instagram, it still finds its way as the number one on the rank.

The Facebook Messenger

This is much like the WhatsApp but a bit difference exists between the two apps. Whatsapp takes a longer time to load contents and to start running effectively than the Facebook messenger which almost take two times the time WhatsApp messenger take to open its functionality. Notwithstanding that the Facebook Messenger has more sophisticated platform than WhatsApp both in its emoji, WhatsApp still finds its way to beat it.

Facebook application

The Facebook app found its place below the WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger because judging from what we see here, it is observed that majority of the students do not spend much of their time on Facebook application but rather they spend their time on WhatsApp sending a direct message and replying their inbox. Few number of people spend 70% of their time on the Facebook app because they wish to stay updated with news and feeds.


Instagram is one of the least places that students go considering its high cost of data and its frequent upload of photos. This fact leaves people off from venturing into the application as they do the WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and the Facebook app itself.

Not considering data, the application that is mostly and much efficiently used by the students is discussed below:

The camera 360

This is an application designated to make a photo look more captivating and beautiful as girls make use of it more. In every society, the average number of girls is considered to be denser than guys and that is the reason why the everyday use of the camera 360 is always increasing. It is an everyday trend for girls to show out their new outfit mostly to guys via social medias and if you must do so you must do so with a camera 360 to enhance smart features and increase beauty.

The other apps that the Nigerian students utilise a bit better than none are listed below:


Opera mini

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox



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