55 Top sector all time affiliate programs

Making money is very easy using best affiliate programs. Getting paid selling other companies products is very appealing as well as promoting them. Affiliate programs are not just to make money but to increase the sales and services of companies to maximize profit. For those not familiar with affiliate marketing, it involves getting paid for encouraging people to patronize or buy products of a company.

Years back, it was hard for Nigerians to venture into affiliate programs. This was because of some obstacles that stood between Nigerians and most affiliate companies. It’s obvious that companies in Nigeria now see the benefits of affiliate marketing, thereby engaging in it to increase sales and profit. With Payoneer and PayPal Nigerians can now easily receive their earnings from affiliate programs.  This is why Nigerian online marketers are making huge money monthly from affiliate programs.

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Affiliate network acts as a mediator between publishers (affiliate marketers) and the merchants who create products and their affiliate programs. Merchants affiliate services includes: tracking, reporting, payment, affiliate management, and access to affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketers services include central database available affiliate programs, simple registration for programs, reporting tools, analytics and payment processing. Besides that, Affiliate marketers generally join the affiliate program free, while, merchants have to pay to participate in the program.

When I started my blog, I already held about affiliate program as a way to make money from blogging except adsence. With little knowledge of affiliate program I jumped straight to it and all my efforts to earn yielded no fruit. I made zero dollars ($0).

It was very discouraging but I still pushed on and applied other strategies till finally I made my first dollar in the program. I faced difficulties as an affiliate marketer but I don’t want others to face such difficulty that’s why I came up with this article.

In this article , we gave more elaboration on the best user friendly affiliate programs in the world from Nigeria to foreign programs. Therefore, if you want to be an affiliate marketer read through to discover the best program for you. Most importantly, before we move to the real deal, let’s talk about two primary payout models used by affiliate networks.

Cost Per Sale (CPS)

The service is a low risk, high profit, revenue sharing models used by marketers to attract unlimited number of new customers to their products. It is also known as Pay per Sale (PPS). CPS pays sets of commission to affiliate marketers who refers a lead that result in purchases. Marketers prefer CPS model because they only have to pay commission after getting by a purchasing customer. Cost per sale payout commission percentages are high because the affiliate produces the lead without upfront cost to it. In essence it is a free marketing and advertising affiliate program.

Cost Per Action (CPA)

It is an online advertising pricing model where the advertiser pays for a specified pricing model. In other words, the advertisers pay for a specified acquisition. It is also known as cost per acquisition (CPA). CPA common codes includes: clicks, impressions, form submit, sign ups, registrations or opt ins. Cost per action payout percentages are smaller than that of cost per sale. The model don’t really involve direct sale and it’s more risky too.

“Do you want to be an affiliate Merchant or a marketer?”


To become an affiliate program merchant and make profit by selling your products by affiliates, follow the steps below.

  1. Establish a product idea
  2. Validate your product idea
  3. Create the Product
  4. Find affiliates program partners to promote your products.


Best Affiliate Software’s to Start with as a Merchant

Establishing your product idea and creating the product is just the first step to becoming an affiliate merchant. Now for you to start running an affiliate program you need a software for your program. Here is a list of the best affiliate software companies to help you kick start your affiliate program.

  1. Post Affiliate Problockchain

Post affiliate pro is one of best affiliate software around the niche now. With its amazing features, it’s without doubt the best affiliate software at moment.


  1. It provides increase sales to about 27%, with improved SEO ranking.
  2. It provides 24/7 customer support easy and, fast and free setup.
  3. Cloud based with 100% stability and tracking system.
  4. Low monthly fee and an infinitely large scale.


  1. Affiliate Pro

Affiliate pro is the best well hosted affiliate software for business. Its enables merchant’s discover new business with high quality marketing strategy.


  1. Provides real-time updates on leads and conversion on your site.
  2. Its affiliate script provides you with timely information about your advertising revenue every day 24/7.
  3. Automated sales process.


  1. Echo Management Platform

Echo management platform is another platform for advertisers and affiliate networks.


  1. Provides tracking tool to manage and reach your campaign KPI’s.
  2. Provides proactive fraud management.
  3. Provides suites of API solution.
  4. Provides reporting and analytic module.

 4. Konnektive CRM

This was designed to synchronize and automate your business with most intuitive user interface.


  1. Provides fulfillment automation
  2. Provides transaction automation
  3. Provides landing page wizard
  4. Provides Auto responder
  5. Provides product set up



Becoming an affiliate marketer follow the steps below,

  1. Review products in your Niche
  2. Collect emails, that is building email list with your niche on it
  3. Use joint venture webinars to make many sales in a short time. Educate your customers with webinars
  4. Use pay per click advertising.

Having known this, let’s now go straight to the different affiliate programs.

Most Popular Affiliate Programs

1. Amazon Affiliate Programs

Amazon is no new to internet users. It is an American electronics commerce and cloud computing company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington. Many affiliate marketers have invested in the company’s long built reputation to huge profit from its affiliate program. It is the largest internet-based retailer in the United States, which allows you to advertise millions of products to customers.

Apart from being a global brand that nobody would waste time buying from, it sells almost every product under the sun. Therefore, no matter what your niche is, you’ll find suitable products to promote on Amazon. The program pays 4% per sale on almost every product.

In fact, there are many products that sell for thousands of dollar on amazon. If you can promote such big money products you’ll make big every month.

The only issue with amazon is that they you pay your commission 3 months after earning. Which means that for September you receive you commission on December? Amazon pays via check or direct deposit into us checking out which can be collected using Payoneer. you can join amazon affiliate program by visiting www.amozon.com

2. Jumia Affiliate Program

Jumia Nigeria is one of the biggest online retail stores in Nigeria and has grown to a household online shopping platform. It introduced its affiliate program in the country and has achieved great success as a company and as affiliate marketers. It is one of the trusted affiliate programs in the country and pays its commission every month for goods purchased online for your clients.

This program is one of Nigeria large online retailer of a wide range of products that cater for Nigerians. Interestingly, Jumia runs an affiliate program that pays as much as 11% commission on each sale with them. Its services range from wears and fashion accessories to smartphones and electronics. Also, there are many products you can promote as an affiliate marketer for Jumia. The program pays on a monthly basis directly into your local bank account. You can join Jumia affiliate program here to enjoy there mouthwatering offers.

3. Bluehost Affiliate Program

Bluehost features website hosting services with great speed and service compared to many budget hosting companies. With many different hosting optioned including shared servers, Virtual private servers and dedicated servers with different offers and rates. All bluehost packages comes with 24/7 customer service for any question or support needed.

Earning commission with bluehost affiliate program is simple and easy. Anytime you refer visitors to bluehost using your affiliate link you get $65 for each sign up on website package. No matter which package they purchase you’ll still get $65. To be eligible for payout you must reach a minimum of $100. Your valid Paypal account is where payment is made. You can join bluehost affiliate program HERE.

4. ShareASale Affiliate Program

ShareASale is one of the biggest affiliate networks that operate. It has been in business for 15 years, exclusively as an affiliate marketing network. There is a wide range of products and services available for you to promote as an affiliate. And as with CJ, your commission depends on what product or service you promote. Their technology receives praise for speed, efficiency, accuracy and their reputation for fair and honest business is known within the industry.

ShareASale pays via check and direct deposit (into U.S. checking account) on the 20th day of every month. Its Minimum payment amount is $50, which can be adjusted to any amount you which. Join shareasale affiliate program by visiting the site at www.shareasale.com.

5. Konga Affiliate Program

Konga is one of Nigeria’s largest online retailers of general merchandise. It is just like Jumia, one of the most patronized online retail shops in the country. The company runs an affiliate program that pays you up to 9% commission on every completed sale. At the end of the month, your earnings will be calculated and paid to your local bank. That is, your total earnings would be reviewed at the end of each month and paid directly into your bank. join the program from www.konga.com

6. Markethealth Affiliate Program

Markethealth is another popular affiliate program that offers attractive commissions to marketers. However, Markethealth offers only natural health products. Promoting Markethealth products entails being acquainted with health topics and comfortable writing about them anytime.

This platform amazingly offers 50% commission per sale on almost all their products, most of which are selling like crazy. Meaning you earn anywhere from $10 to $100 per sale. The company credits by directly depositing to your Payoneer card every two weeks (twice a month) with a minimum payout of $20. To join Markethealth affiliate program, visit www.markethealth.com.

7. DealDey Affiliate Program

DealDey is Nigeria’s first daily deal website that deals on products from all categories. The website features amazing offers on products across several categories. For each successfully completed sale you make for DealDey, you get a N500 commission. Plus an additional amount based on the percentage increased to the category to which the product you sold belongs.

In addition, they allow people like to make money by promoting their deals as an affiliate marketer. By default, you get a 5% commission bonus. Fashion accessories will fetch you 10% commission bonus. Home accessories and carry go products will fetch you 5%, and gadgets will fetch you 3%. Your earnings are paid directly into your bank account or could be used to order for products from the website by you. Join dealdey affiliate program here.visit www.dealdey.com.

8. Commission Junction (CJ) Affiliate Program

Commission junction (CJ) is one program that ranks among pro affiliate marketing. It has a large affiliate network comprising of many of programs by several companies like Dotomi, Greystripe, Mediaplex, and ValueClick Media. In addition to different products, it allows you to promote services such as travel and tourism, insurance, healthcare, and many others. It is owned by Conversant.

Your earnings on CJ depend on the products or services you promote. Some products and services might attract as low as 3% commission, while others might attract as high as 40% commission.

CJ pays through check as well as through direct deposit into a U.S. checking account. Payment is made once in a month. Payout range is from $50 for direct deposit and $100 for check. You can join cj affiliate program by visiting there website @ www.commissionjunction.com.

9. Wakanow Affiliate Program

Wakanow is an online traveling agency which offers wide range of products and services from booking of airline ticket, hotel accommodations, holiday resort and more. It offers a flexible affiliate program that is part of wakanow.com limited. It is one of African’s leading online Travel Company that allows marketers to regulate prices and earn more from clients. This programme is designed to enable travel agencies and individuals who engage in selling travel products to sell highly discounted Wakanow travel products to their customers to make nice profit.

This affiliate program offers nice commissions on visa processing services, hotel packages, domestic and international airlines all with nice discount. Also, they offer more than 508,000 domestic and international hotels, airport pickup services in 45000 locations all with nice discount. In addition to this, Wakanow portal gives you the power to control pricing. Join Wakanow affiliate program here, at www.wakanow.com.

10. Grammarly Affiliate Program 

Grammarly is an exceptional writer’s tool. It ensures that all articles are both plagiarism and error free and it is a must-have for every blogger. Its affiliate program is one of the best in the world, especially for bloggers. You can promote Grammarly premium packages by referring people to buy and get paid for doing so. The program pays its marketers in dollars. you can apply for grammarly affiliate program at www.grammarly.com.

11. Kaymu Affiliate Program

Kaymu is an online marketplace that allows third-party retailers to sell their products. The company handles the receipt of orders as well as payment issues, while retailers handle delivery themselves.

It has an affiliate program that pays 5% commission on every sale you make. This percentage is fixed for all product categories. Payment is made directly to your bank account. Kaymu Nigeria is Nigeria’s biggest online marketplace. Apply for kaymu affiliate program by visiting their website at www.kaymu.com.

12. Terraleads Affiliate Program

It is the world’s first Cost per Action (CPA) Hub. That direct advertisers on nutral offers represented in the following categories: beauty, diet, health, and adult. TerraLeads works by a COD model and provides the highest approval rates. Some TerraLeads features include the in-house production and local warehouses in unique geographical locations in Europe and Asia.

After becoming TerraLeads affiliate marketer, you’ll gets 24/7 multilingual support, free translation services. Also, you can track leads in real time, use the cutting-edge technologies, and withdraw money daily via multiple e-payment systems. join terraleads affiliate program here

13. Bet9ja Affiliate Program

Bet9ja is one of the biggest sports betting platforms in Nigeria. In addition to sports-betting, the site also offers casino and virtual gaming experiences, including the popular Bet9ja League. Amongst its promotions comes its 100% Welcome Bonus of up to ₦100,000, which is the largest offering for new customers who register and make their first successful deposit with them in Nigeria.

Further, Users benefit from 170% Multiple Boosts on accumulators as well as the innovative real-time cash-out feature. Cash-out gives players more control over their betting, helping to guarantee profits and cut losses.

Bet9ja Affiliate Program offers members a 50% revenue share in the first month of joining.

Before you start making money with bet9ja affiliate program, you have to register for their affiliate program. An affiliate link which you will use to refer people to bet9ja will be provided for you. With bet9ja affiliate, you get up to 20% of how much each of your referrals has lost and how much they won in bet9ja. You can join bet9ja affiliate program here to enjoy there awesome commissions. Apply for bet9ja affiliate program by visiting www.bet9ja.com to enjoy its benefits.

14. Wide Market Affiliate Program

Wide Markets Ltd provides a unique cross-channel advertising solution for eCommerce businesses. The company owns Wide Markets Media™ , Wide Markets Fashion™, Wide Markets eTickets™ and Wide Markets eStores™. Advertisers can sell their goods and services through the native products created by Wide Markets, receiving outstanding User-Values.

Furthermore, publishers benefits from a native method to monetize their online assets finding higher conversion rates. The company supports the Performance Marketing Association and is an active Champion Member. Join wide market affiliate programs by visiting www,widemarkets.com to sign up.

15. WhoGoHost Affiliate Program

WhoGoHost is a web solutions company, Founded in 2007. Over time, WhoGoHost has grown to become one of the top tier web hosting companies in Nigeria, providing services for clients within and outside Nigeria. The affiliate program is very simple to make money from. If any of your referal purchase any of their services through your referral link, you will get 15% of the amount paid. All you have to do is to recommend their products and services through your affiliate link on your website or via social media platforms.

To get started with making money from WhoGoHost, you need to learn how to design your websites from or adopt best social media and email marketing strategies and techniques. You can withdraw your earnings once it reaches the minimum of ₦3000. Also, once you sign up for WhoGoHost affiliate program you will instantly get ₦500 for sign up. start promoting on whogohost

16. Rakuten Affiliate Program

Formerly Buy.com, Rakuten.com has grown into a big ecommerce agency. Rakuten ranks among the top three e-commerce companies in the world with over 90,000 products from 38,500 shop owners and more than 18 million customers.

Among its numerous online properties, its flagship B2B2C (business-to-business-to-consumer) model e-commerce site Rakuten Ichiba is the largest e-commerce site in Japan and among the world’s largest by sales. Become a rakutan affiliate marketer now

17. VConnect Affiliate Program

Vconnect is Nigeria’s largest local search engine and business listing platform. It ventured into the online shopping store in 2015, and operates on the pro system software.it created the affiliate marketing strategy to create awareness about their services. The platform allows


Affiliate marketers to earn commission on effort for converting prospective customers.

Vconnect Affiliate system works similar to other top e-commerce website affiliate system most especially Konga Affiliate System. Once you join the program you’ll be giving referral links and banners for advert. You get paid on successful transactions between your referral and VConnect.

18. Payporte Affiliate Programaffiliate marketing

PayPorte is an e-commerce store which is regarded as Nigeria’s preferred online retail store when it comes to quality of products. It has, since its launch increased to ensure it provides to a wide demography. This ranges from the youths and to the young urban professionals. Payporte provides varieties of products including fashion and accessories, fabrics, furniture, home appliances, tech gadgets and more.

Their affiliate program is as cool as their regular offerings. Upon registration you get ₦1000. Promotional materials like referral links and banners would be giving to you, this you can use to invite people to their website. For every successful sale made through your link you’ll earn 5-10% commission, which is paid to your bank account.

19. Flexoffers Affilliate Programaffiliate marketing

FlexOffers.com is a premiere affiliate network that builds mutually profitable relationships between strategic, skilled, and trustworthy online publishers. It has a robust portfolio of 5,000+ popular advertisers spanning all verticals. With over 10+ years of experience in the affiliate marketing industry, they offers a good customer service, an array of optimized data delivery tools, and fast and dependable payments. With flexoffers you discover that flexibility is the key to affiliate success. FlexOffers.com was recently ranked the eighth overall affiliate network in the Revenue+Performance Top 20 Affiliate (CPS) Network 2015 Blue Book- survey. join flexoffer affiliate network to enjoy best deals

20. Web4africa Affiliate Programamazon

Web4Africa company limited deals on professional reseller and shared web hosting on Linux and Windows platforms. It also sells affordable domain names registration and e-commerce solutions for residents of Ghana, Nigeria and the entire world.

They also provide Affiliate program for their clients, by referring customers to buy web hosting plan, and domain names from web4africa you earn commission. You make money by referring your friends and business associates to sign up for Web4Africa’s website. When your referral carries out any payment transaction in the form of payment of domain name or web hosting you get paid. Web4Africa pays for any successful transaction made using your link or banner. visit www.web4africa.com to join the program

Other nice foreign affiliate programs include clickbank, wide market, crak revenue, ebay, avangate, avantlink, revimedia, revenuewire, olavivo, afibank, adcombo etc. Other nice Nigeria affiliate programs include nairabet, jiji, travelstart, aliexpress etc.

Check out this post on boosting blog traffic through branding. You can choose from either the ecommerce or betting or delivery or the health sector whom to affiliate with. Knowing there percentage give outs you can also choose based on the commission percentage or the sectors.

Below are other amazing affiliate programs based on the different sectors

Sporting Affiliate Programs

In the sporting niche there are lucrative high paying sports affiliate programs. Many staunch sporting fans dream and live their favorite players. In view to these, below are some high paying affiliate programs in the sporting world.

SoccerLoco Affiliate Programbluehost

Soccerloco is an online store for soccer wears and equipments. They provide discount on the every purchase on the online store. Soccerloco provides all your favorite soccer wear ranging from Adidas, Puma and Nike.

Soccerloco affiliate program is an affiliate network which runs on shareAsale. The affiliate program pays its users 10% commission on every sale they offer. They also allow its affiliates to sale all soccer wear from all the leading brands in the niche.

The program has a user friendly terms and it’s easy to join and setup. Just like every other affiliate network they provide banners and link which can be place on your website. Its tracking and reporting has a 30 day tracking cookie. Offers are highly rated with its $120 average order rate. Join soccerloco affiliate program to enjoy unlimited promotion offers.

NBAStore Affiliate Programshareasale

Just as the name implies NBAStore is the official online store for National Basketball Association. The store provides extensively user friendly services with free shipping services. They provide NBA jerseys, equipment’s, accessories and collectibles of NBA history events. The store provides NBA products from Nike, Adidas and under Armour and Tissot.

NBAStore affiliate program is another program offered through shareAsale. The network gives its affiliate a whopping 6% commission on every sale referred to their store. Its affiliate is selective but if selected you’ll find its resources helpful.

NBAStore affiliate program don’t allow PPC or paid ads on faebook. Payments are done every 20th of each month from the recent earning. If you love sport or operate a basketball related blog join NBAStore affiliate to earn more.

NFLShop Affiliate Program

NFLShop is an online store whch provides only National Football League merchandise.

With its large number of products offers, affiliates can select from a range of over 50,000 products to promote. The affiliate program provides targeted links to specific teams, players and products.

The affiliate program is easy to join and commission depends on the type of website niche you are. Upon approval, affiliates get access to various NFLShop materials including banners and tracking links. They pay on every purchase made directly from your link or banner click. The network gives 2-6% commission and this depends on your website niche. Join NFLshop now to get amazing offers.

Roadrunners sport Affiliate Programdealdey

Roadrunner sport is the world’s largest running and walking store. In Roadrunner sport you will get all the best athletic clothing, accessories, gear and shoes.

Roadrunner sport affiliate program offers 6% commission on every sale offered by affiliates. The more you sell the higher percentage commissions you earn. The network provides special discount for visitors and data-feed to promote most products.

The affiliate program provides variety of links, offers and different banner sizes to help grow your campaign. Join roadrunner sport today to meet a team of dedicated affiliate team to help you succeed in the niche.

PrimeSport Affiliate Program

Primesport is the ultimate fan spot. The platforms don’t only provide sporting events but they also provide direct access to biggest musical events too. They also provide ticketing services for major events including carnivals, concerts, theater events and more.

Primesport affiliate program offer an exclusively creative text links for specific events, venues, cities and teams. Its services are not only limited to ticketing blogs or sites, travel sites and city guides.

The affiliate network offers 8% commission on any approved ticket or hospitality order. In the commission is excluded tax, service fees and shipping fees. Also it has a tracking cookie of 30 days. Make more money today by joining Primesport affiliate program.

Above are just few sporting affiliate program. Other sporting affiliate programs with high commission includes: fanatics, AI’s sporting goods, leftlane sports, soccer garage, sportsMemorabilia, baseball rampage affiliate programs.

Entertainment Affiliate Programs

The entertainment sector is one of the booming sectors in the world today. Entertainment affiliate programs bring the avenue for publishers to promote entertainment offers. Below are some of the best affiliate programs in the entertainmentosphere.

SonarClick Affiliate Program

Sonarclick affiliate program is an affiliate network which specializes on Nutra, dating, sweepstakes and mobile contents. They are also involved in casino, coupons, entertainment, gambling, games, utilities and more.

The affiliate program offers on-Time payment, competitive payouts, pre-landing page and exclusive support for their publishers or affiliates. Its commission works with mobile CPA and payout are weekly, bi-weekly and monthly. Join sonar affiliate program

Spicyoffers Affiliate Programgrammarly

Spiyoffers is a CPA affiliate program suited for advertisers and affiliates. The network specializes on audience monetization and affiliate marketing.

Spicyoffer affiliate network is connected to key tracking networks such as Voluum, AdsBridge, BeMob, Thrive and CPV lab. The affiliate comprises the dating, crypto, E-commerce, gambling, finance, tech support, streaming, software, sweepstakes and more. They work with revenue models like CPA, CPS, CPL, CPI and PPCall.

Payments are made through wire, paypal, epayments and paxum. The minimum payout is $150. You can join spicyoffer affiliate program to earn more.

Mobidea Affiliate Program

Mobidea affiliate is a CPA network solely involved in mobile offers. With its topmost goal to negotiate the best mobile CPA offers with premium advertisers.

The affiliate program provides 7/7 customer support, weekly payments, free tracking and real-time optimization. It also provides post event optimization, day-parting, maximum exposure and fraud free traffic. With over 130,000 affiliates and 800+ advertisers in 12 languages, mobidea affiliate is indeed one of the best affiliate in the entertainmentosphere.

Join mobidea affiliate network to get exclusive offers.

Kimia Affiliate Program

Kimia is an online advertising network with global recognition. With its major features tied to machine learning algorithm, 100% fill rate, 1000 plus tested campaigns, Geos and segments and other exclusive offers.

The affiliate network works with revenue models like CPA, CPI, CPL, CPM, CPS. Its omission are monetize smart. To get awesome offers in your purse join kimia affiliate network.

WeweMedia Affiliate Program

Wewemedia is a mobile performance based marketing program that offers publishers mobile content CPA. With approximately 7 years in this field, Wewemedia network offers amazing features.

The affiliate program converts clicks into money. It works with revenue models like CPA, CPI, CPL, CPS and RevShare. With amazing offers such as 5000+ mobile contents and smartlink offers, high payout, intellink and more you probably earn more. Join Wewemedia affiliate program today to enjoy mouthwatering offers.

Here are other entertainment based affiliate programs to earn more. Adzone, zorka,Esty, glispa Affiliate programs. Check out our post on Ultimate scheduling with Tailwind

Fashion Affiliate Programs

Most websites focus on affiliate programs around technology, online shopping and the best performing programs on the internet. But just few amount of websites pay attention to other niche like the fashion sector.

Are you a fashion freak or you run a fashion based website and you’re looking for affiliate programs around the fashion world. Here are the lists of some best performing fashion based affiliate program in the market.

Shopstyle Collective Affiliate Networkbet9ja

Shopstyle collective affiliate network is a fashion based affiliate program that operates on pay per click. For beginner bloggers with little audience shopstyle is a good option for you.

The amazing truth about shopstyle is that they accept all bloggers; every single click is monetized, good for bloggers with less audience and has a user friendly platform.

The affiliate program pays its affiliate marketers commissions on the each click they get. With shopstyle collective affiliate program you don’t need to complete a sale or purchase to get paid. It has an easy sign up process; all just need is a good or proper blog or website.

Rewardstyle Affiliate Networkwide market

This is also another amazing affiliate network in the fashion world. Rewardstyle affiliate network is a network all bloggers dream to be part of.  This is due to the stress and difficulty involved in signing up to the affiliate network.

But not holding to the difficult involved in signing up the network is easy to use and combines almost all the major brands and retailers. Because they don’t have a have their own affiliate platform, they serve as intermediary between the blogger and the affiliate network.

You can join rewardstyle affiliate program by invitation. The network commissions are higher and more eye catching than other affiliate program around the fashion niche.

Newchic Affiliate Networkwhogohost

Newchic was formed with the sole aim to provide people with opportunity to express themselves with quality and affordable fashion products. They provide wide range of men and women fashion trends including shoes, jewelries, bags etc.

Newchic affiliate network offers its affiliate marketers a whooping commission around the rate of 10 to 16 percents on every sale made through their tracking link. They also give out weekly coupons, deals, offers, discount and hot sales.

The program cookie has a length of 60 days. Which means that your tracking link can stay on your blog or website for 2 months before it expire. This is an amazing affiliate network to be a part of.

Zaful Affiliate Program

Zaful is the one stop online shop for most exciting and nice accessories and apparels. There fashion sales are affordable with a worldwide free shipping.

This is another fast growing affiliate network in the fashion niche. With its growing popularity as one of the most generous affiliate program and varieties in fashion accessories, zaful is among the leading program around the fashion niche.

The program pays its affiliate marketers a commission ranging from 15- 20 percent which is among the highest commission percentage today. It has a link cookie length of 60 days. Its affiliate program also equips its markers with tools like coupons, text links, promotional banners and more.

fashionmia Affiliate Networkvconnect

fashionmia is among the leading suppliers of fashion wholesale and retail store.

Fashionmia affiliate program is among the best performing affiliate program so far around the fashion niche. With cookies length of 90 day which is three months, they pay its affiliate marketers a commission at the rate of 15 percent per sale.

Education Affiliate Programs

Learning is a continuous process.  Affiliate programs cut across almost all sectors of life. Educational affiliate programs cover a wide range of learning. So for the scholars and those who write on educational journal here is a list of affiliate program you can join and start earning money.

Edu.money Affiliate Network

The program works by referring a student to the website and when the other works from them you receive your commission.  The student can order assignments, projects and other educational journals from the website.

You can earn up to 250$ per customer. Top sites that works with edu.money includes pacificResumewriters.com, ghostwriterslife.de, essay-homework-help.com etc. they program offers a commission of 55 to 70 percent on every new order price.

Studybay Affiliate Network

Studybay is one of the many internet based store for ordering educational or student related works. This works includes assignments, research papers and projects.

The platform brings client and the original content creators together to directly negotiate on the price and deasline of their works. No need for middlemen.

As an affiliate marketer you get a commission rate of about 60 percent for first orders made and 15 percents for subsequent orders.

Bestedudeal Affiliate Network

Bestedudeal affiliate network offers its marketers a commission rate of up to 65 percent per sale.

Bestedudeal specializes on custom essay writing. As we all know custom essay writing is among the most popular and evergreen services amongst student. The platform allows them to order academic papers from specialists from the field of study.

As a bestedudeal partner, you will earn money for attracting clients to the website and ensure a successful order.

Quickstart Affiliate Network

When we talk about educational materials for students in the IT industry, Quickstart is your bus stop on that. Quickstart provices high quality learning and certification training for students in the IT industry.

With many awards including the Learning partner of the ward from Microsoft, citrix, compTIA and others, the affiliate program offers its affiliate marketers a nice commission rate of 50 percent per sale. What you should know about making money with blogging

Advance Medical Certification Affiliate Network

The platform is your number one online platform that offers a certification on medical courses.

The platform offers 100 percent online certification and recertification on Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Pediatrics Advance Life Support (PALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS).

They give its affiliate marketers a commission rate of 25 percent.

Natural Health Affiliate Programs

Many bloggers and website owners are making a lot through the natural health affiliate programs. Here is a list of some best performing affiliate program in around the natural health niche.

Market Health Affiliate Program

This affiliate program allows its affiliate marketers to market and promote leading health and beauty offers in the world online. Their products include products on health, beauty, supplement, and skin care and weight loss.

The affiliate network pays a commission of 50 percents for first tier sales and 5 percent on second tier sales.

Nutracash Affiliate Program

Nutracash affiliate program is an affiliate program which is based on high paying nutra offers that are mouthwatering and converts light. It is a Click per Action (CPA) based network.

The affiliate program offer hundreds (over 300) products to promote in enhancement for male, skin enhancement, muscles, diets, breast enhancement, brain enhancement and many more.

Its affiliate marketers receive NET5 weekly payments, wire, ach’s, paypal and checks payments absolutely free. The affiliate commission depends solely on the offers being offered.

Sell Health Affiliate Program

This is a natural health affiliate program based on sexual health. They are also focused on penis improvement and also deal on many other sexual enhancement products for both men and women.

Sellhealth affiliate network provides large varieties of health products for its affiliate marketers to promote. These health products include acne treatment, hair loss treatment, digestive health treatment, general health treatment and anti-aging treatments.

The affiliate commission rates depend on tier sales. For first tier sales, marketers get up to 30 percent and for second tier sale, marketers get 5 percent.

Vital Formulas Affiliate Program

Vital formula is based on multivitamins . They are the owners of balanced trio which is the first multivitamin formulated and grouped based on scientific vitamin combining principle.

The affiliate program is a nice and lucrative one with lots of product to promote as an affiliate marketer. There affiliate commission rates are based on tier system. First tier sales come with 30 to 40 percent of revenue share. The second tier sales come with 10 percent revenue share.

Crocmint Affiliate Program

This is one of the leading herbal affiliate programs on the web. They offer the highest payout commission on the web and also give its marketers the chance to make it to the top as an affiliate marketer.

It’s among the fastest growing affiliate program ever, and you can work and earn from the comfort of your home. It has a user friendly interface and thousands of affiliates joining each day.

The affiliate network pays its marketers a sign up bonus commission of $50. The commission is also based on the tier system. First tier sale commission rate is about 40 percent and second tier sales commission rate is 10 percent.

Best Food Blog Affiliate programs

Craftsy affiliate program

Crafty is well known for its on-point baking services, cake making, quilting, paper craft, photography, Asian and Italian cooking. With over thirteen million (13,000000) subscribers craftsy is a well-known online platform.

As an affiliate marketer with craftsy, you earn on every purchase made by any member of your network. 24/7 newsletter and promotional idea supports and a great customer service relation with its affiliate clients.

Swoop affiliate program

This is an amazing food blog based affiliate network.  The affiliate network is non-invasive and earning every month is guaranteed.

As an affiliate marketer, adding tracking link to your website won’t be a big deal. All you have to do is place a code on the header of your website or blog and let swoop do the rest for you. Swoop places the ads, recipe and article matching your website for you.

Ebates affiliate program

Ebates is one of the amazing and free to earn food based affiliate network on the web. Just like other affiliate programs, Ebate pays its marketers anytime they make purchase and provide best deals and coupons online.

The amazing fact about Ebate is that you earn $15 for every successful sign up made from your referral link. All you have to do is refer people to the website and earn no need to make purchase.

To join Ebate, sign up with them and send them an email letting them know you want to become an affiliate with them. Amazing stuff: the best Remote access software tools.

Safeway affiliate program

Safeway is a food company based on groceries.

It runs an affiliate program and invites affiliate marketers to enroll for its affiliate program. As an affiliate marketer with Safeway you earn promoting their grocery delivery services on your website or blog.

They pay a commission of $25 on every sale made by new consumer through your referral link placed on your website or blog.

Restaurant.com affiliate program

Restaurant.com is one of the biggest online delivery services in the United States.

With deals and offers on about sixty two thousand (62000) restaurants across the United States, they also run an affiliate program. The platform Gifts out certificate ranging from about $5 to $100.

Other food based companies with affiliate network includes: caviar, sovorn, winc, matcha source, California tea house, fresh diets and more.

Best Gaming Affiliate Programs

For game freaks and gamer that wish to earn plenty dollars to their bank account, all you need is learning how to join and use gaming affiliate programs.

In this post, we discussed the best and most popular affiliate programs around the gaming niche. Anybody can venture into gaming affiliate program, be it blog or website, YouTube or twitch as far as you want to promote products and earn as an affiliate marketer.

Gamestop Affiliate program

Gamestop is a well-known retailer in the gamingsphere , with more than 9million revenue on both online and offline sales.

Gamestop affiliate program allows its marketers to earn on every successful sales made with their referral link. As a Gamestop affiliate marketer, you promote and sell gaming consoles, gaming controllers, console and computer games, virtual reality gaming systems and more.

The program gives its affiliate marketers 5% of every sale made with their referral link and also provides link cookie duration of 958 days.

GameFly Affiliate Program

The Gamefly affiliate program is among the best affiliate programs in the gaming niche.

The affiliate program gives out to its affiliate marketers a commission of $15 for every new user that signs up for their free trial or makes a qualifying purchase on their prepaid subscription.

As a Gamefly affiliate marketer you will be promoting and selling products like computer games, console games, and gaming consoles of all gaming companies. Also the program gives its affiliate marketers a commission of 5% on the sales of new games consoles and 10% on used console games. The program is available on commission junction (CJ).

Hoyle Affiliate Program

Hoyle is a game shop which offers downloadable games for card games, casino games, board games, slot, arcade and more.

They also have run an affiliate program which very popular in the gaming list. This popularity is because its affiliate marketers have a large collections of downloadable games to promote/ sell an earn money.

Hoyle affiliate gives out 15% to its affiliate marketers on every sale made through their referral link. The amazing thing about Hoyle affiliate program is that they have a payment threshold as low as $25 which they pay every 30 days. The program is also available on commission junction (CJ).

GamePal Affiliate Program

Gamepal is a website for selling gaming account for games like final fantasy XI, EverQuest, word of craft, Anarchy online, the lord of the Rings, star trek online, Runescape and Lineage 2.

The website runs an affiliate program which is among the leading programs around the gaming niche. As a Gamepal affiliate marketer, you get a commission of 25% on every purchase made through your referral link.

Gamepal affiliate marketers get a chance to sell accounts for the various games final fantasy XI, EverQuest, word of craft, Anarchy online, the lord of the Rings, star trek online, Runescape and Lineage 2. The program is open to affiliate marketers from all countries of the world and has link cookie duration of 180 days.

Zygor Affiliate Program

Zygor are only based on selling gaming guides online. They sell gaming guides for Elder scrolls and World of Warcraft online. They give out six guides.

They run an affiliate program which pays its affiliate marketers 50% for every sale made using their referral link. For every customer that buys all 6 guides you earn a total of $155. They allow affiliates from across the world. The program is available only on ClickBank.

Now that you have a comprehensive list of affiliate programs around the different sector of life to choose from, let’s go straight to the next thing which is,

How to add Affiliate links on a Website or Blog

Adding an affiliate link to your website is a way to create more awareness or advertise by promoting other companies product and getting paid for doing so. Before we continue lets know what an affiliate link is all about.

What is an Affiliate Link?

According to Techopedia, An affiliate link is a specific URL that contains the affiliate’s ID or username. This affiliate links is used by affiliate marketers or advertisers to record the traffic which is being sent to the advertiser’s website.

Affiliate links can be added to a website or blog using the following techniques

Add Affiliate links as HTML


  • Log in to your blog
  • Click on blog post or create a new post
  • Click on HTML
  • Head to the affiliate marketing program website and copy the affiliate link of the product your to sell.
  • Paste the link on the blog text
  • Save the post

Adding affiliate link as a WordPress widget

  • Log into your wordpress admin dashboard
  • On your wordpress dashboard, click on Appearances
  • Scroll down and click on widgets
  • There are many widgets that will be displayed. Scroll down and click on Custom HTML
  • Click on the custom HTML widget and drag it to the position you want the widget to be in your website
  • Head to the affiliate marketing program website and copy the affiliate link of the product your to sell
  • Head back to the custom HTML widget on your website and paste the link on the text box
  • Click on save

Adding affiliate link as a Blogger.com widget

  • Go to blogger.com to sign in to your blogger account
  • In the sidebar of your blogger website admin click on layout
  • Click on add a gadget
  • Head to the affiliate marketing program website and copy the affiliate link of the product your to sell
  • Head back to your blogger site and paste the link on the content box
  • Click on save
  • Then finally click on save arrangement.

Bonus tip

You can manually add affiliate links within text using the code

<a href=”Paste affiliate link here”

target=”_blank”>Type the link text here</a>

You can manually add affiliate links within a picture using the code

<a href=”Paste affiliate link here”

target=”_blank”><img  src=”Paste image URL here”</img></a>

This works for both wordpress and blogger.com.

You can also add affiliate links to wordpress using ThirstyAffiliate.

















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