Top 10 Free Remote Access Desktop Software Tools in 2018


How would you connect to business partners, clients, or team members that are in remote areas?. Remote access software does that for you.

With Remote access software you access another computer from another location. They equally allow others to access your computer from another location as if they were sited in front of your computer.

Remote access software is an easy way for employers, colleagues to interact with remote workers in their network.

How Does Remote Access Software Work

First, to remotely access a computer, certain software is installed in the computer to be connected to, called the Host. Now another computer with the same software can connect to the host and control it, this is the client. These connections are made with internet connection or over a network anywhere in the world.

Why Do We Need Remote Access Software

Remote access is very important to individuals because of the services they offer to every one of us. Below are some reasons why we need remote access software

  1. Remote access software enables individuals to send files between two computers without using file-sharing or email services.
  2. You can print files stored in another computer on a printer connected to your system
  3. You can fix, repair computer issues facing relatives, friends or co-workers using remote access software once connected to their computer.
  4. You can use remote access software to show a customer how to run a program when connected to them.

Below are lists of free remote access desktop software that requires just a few clicks to set up.

1. Remote UtilitiesREMOTE UTILITY

This is free remote access software which uses an “Internet ID” to connect two remote computers. With remote utilities you can control up to 10 computers.

Modules supported by remote utilities includes, remote file launcher, task manager, file transfer, text chat, remote printing, viewing multiple monitors, remote terminals and more.

It can be installed on Windows Server 2012, 2008 , 2003 also, Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.

How to use remote utilities


First, install the remote utilities Host on the computer to have permanent access to it. You can also use Run Agent option which provides self-generated support it can be launched from a flash drive.

Secondly, the Internet ID is giving to the host computer. This internet ID must be shared to a client in order to initiate a connection.


First, download the viewer program on its own or in the viewer plus Host combo file. Because, the viewer is used to connect the client to the Host.

Secondly, in connecting the viewer to the host no router changes is made (port forwarding) making setup very easy.

  1. Allows connection to up to 10 computers
  2. Supports portable mode
  3. It is free for both personal and business purpose
  4. Has many remote access tools
  5. Don’t require router port changes.
  1. It runs on Windows only
  2. Setting up the program can be confusing at first.

 2. RemotePCREMOTEpc

RemotePC is a free remote access that allows connection to one computer. With remotePC you can remotely access your PC, Mac, iphone or ipad. It supports multiple remote computers, to dp this you need to upgrade.

This software manages your files, print documents remotely and transfer date in real time. Operating systems supported includes Mac(10.9.5), Windows 10, 8, 7 and Windows Server 2016, 2012, 2008.

How to use RemotePC


First, download and install RemotePC software on the computer to be accessed remotely. An access ID and key will be giving to you. This Access ID and key must be shared with the client for them to access your computer.

Alternatively, create an account with RemotePC and add the client computer to your account when you log on to the Host computer.


First, from the remotePC software on your computer, enter the Access ID and key of the host computer to get access and control it.

Secondly, you can use the remotePC from the client side through an Android or iOS app. All you need is to download the RemotePC and install on your device.

  1. RemotePC works on Windows and Mac operating systems.
  2. RemotePC supports file transfer
  3. Its design is simple and easy to understand
  4. Chats are supported. That is, users can chat during connection.
  5. Allows apps to remotely access computers.
  1. You can only remotely access one computer at a time.
  2. Little glitches in the program are annoying.

 3. AnyDeskanydesk

This is a remote access software that supports portability and can be run like normal programs. The software has a low delay and fast data transmission.

It is designed with TLS 1.2 technology for high protection and security from unauthorized access. It supports operating systems such as Android, iOS, MacOS, Free BSD, Linux, and Windows 10, 8, 7, vista and XP.

How to use AnyDesk


First, launch the AnyDesk software on the computer you want to connect and record the custom alias or the AnyDesk Address.

As the host you will have to permit or disallow connection and control permission to the client when connected. Permission includes allow sound; allow clipboard use and also the ability to take charge of the host mouse and keyboard.


On the client computer run the AnyDesk software and type in the host custom alias or AnyDesk Address in the Remote Desk section.

For trusted client computer, the host can set up the unattended access on the setting section. The unattended setting gives the client access to the host computer without waiting for the host to accept the connection.

  1. AnyDesk remote access software supports both audio and file transfer.
  2. It automatically update to new software versions
  3. It enhances fast and quality connections.
  4. Allows recording of remote session
  5. Creates and easy to remember alias for remote connections.
  1. Has a paid version, thereby limiting some features for the free versions
  2. First set up could be confusing.
  3. Paid version is expensive. Light plan IS $79 and the professional plan is $229.

 4. UltraVNCultravnc

UltraVNC is free remote access software whose operation is similar to that of Remote ultilities. This also involves the installation of a server and a viewer in two computers where the viewer controls the server.

This software supports file transfer, clipboard sharing, boot and connection in safe mode and text chat. Operating systems supported by UltraVNC includes Windows server 2012, 2008, 2003, Windows 10, 8, 7, vista and XP.

How to use UltraVNC


First Install the UltraVNC software in your computer. On completing the installation, you’ll be asked if you wish to install the server, viewer or the both. On the computer to be connected to, install the server.

Always install the UltraVNC server as a system service. This keeps the software always running and connections can always be made to it with the client software.


Making connection to the UltraVNC server, the viewer portion must be installed during the setup.

Now, in your router configure port forwarding. This will enable you access UltraVNC server anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This connection can be from a mobile device which supports VNC connections, internet browser or a computer with the viewer installed.

  1. UltraVNC allows you to connect to a remote computer from a browser, mobile device and from a computer program.
  2. Allows chatting to the connected remote computer
  3. Allows the setup of custom keyboard shortcuts
  4. Supports transfer of files
  5. You can get access to UltraVNC server from anywhere in the world with internet connection.
  1. Remote printing not available
  2. Download page is confusing
  3. Can’t turn on computer remotely
  4. Router setting must be changed to make the program run.

 4. Chrome Remote Desktop

This software is an extension of the Google chrome web browser which enables computers to be set up for remote access with another computer running Google Chrome.

This remote access tool enables remote assistance mode and desktop mode. The assistance feature helps users to control another computer from their computer. The desktop mode connects users to another computer remotely.

To use this tool users most have Google chrome and an extension from the chrome web store. It works on any operating system that supports Google Chrome such as Windows, MacOS, Linux and Chromebooks.

How to use Chrome Remote Desktop


Chrome Remote desktop works by installing the Google chrome extension. After installation, log on to your Google account for example your Gmail. Once logged in, give it authorization for remote access to the connecting computer through your self-generated pin.


Connecting to the host browser using chrome remote desktop you have to sign on to chrome remote desktop from another browser which must be chrome, Using the Google details generated by the host computer.

Once logged in, you can see the other computer name select it and start the remote session.

  1. The software installs very fast
  2. Supports multi-monitor
  3. Allows apps to remote computers
  4. Works effectively for unattended and on-demand remote access.
  5. Can remotely run into computer even when users are not logged in.
  1. No chat features
  2. No file transfer tool included
  3. Limited keyboard shortcut options
  4. No remote printing option
  5. Host must have chrome browser installed.

 6. ShowMyPC

This is a free remote access software whose working principle is closely identical to UltraVNC but uses password instead of IP address to make connection.

It is a portable but awesome remote access tool that connects to computers using personal web link. It uses webcam sharing over a web browser. It works on Windows server 2012, 2008, 2003, Windows 10, 8, 7, vista and XP.

How to use ShowMyPC


First, install and run the ShowMyPC software on any computer. On completion select showMyPC to get the share Password which is your ID number.

The host must share this ID Number with others to initiate the connection to the host.


First, open the ShowMyPC Program on your computer, and then enter the share password from the host to initiate a connection. Alternatively, client can input the number on the ShowMyPC Website (in the view-pc box) and run a java version program on the browser.

  1. The design is simple and easy to use
  2. Portable and perfect for spontaneous remote access
  3. Enables connection to computers using a special URL
  4. Portable to Windows operating system
  5. Enables the use of webcam to initiate connection.
    1. Limited keyboard shortcut
    2. Limited features because it has a premium version.

7. AeroAdmin

This free remote access software is the easiest and stress free program use for remote access. aeroAdmin is quick and straight to the point.

Using this software require less settings and its accurate for spontaneous supports. It is absolutely free for personal and commercial use.

aeroAdmin can be installed on 64-bit and 33-bit versions on windows 10, 8, 7 and XP operating systems.

How to use AeroAdmin

First, connecting to client is very easy. All you have to do is open the program and share your ID or IP address with the connecting computer. Once the ID or IP address is successfully shared, the connection is initiated with the client computer.


As the client computer you only need to run the AeroAdmin on your computer. Once the program is running enter the IP address or ID generated by the host.

Now, you can either choose remote control or View only before clicking on connect. Once the host confirms the connection you can now start controlling the other computer.

  1. Perfect for unattended and spontaneous access
  2. Supports file transfer and can be installed as a portable application
  3. Ensures encrypted connections, free for both personal and commercial use
  4. Involves no router changes and works instantly
  5. Enables remote reboot and log off of computers.
  1. Remote printing not supported
  2. Limited connection time in free version
  3. No chat support feature.

 8. LiteManager

LiteManager remote access program is similar to Remote Ultilities but unlike Remote Ultilities can support 30 slots.  This slot involves storing and connecting to remote computers.

The program also has a Quicksupport option which involves a portable server and a viewer program. The Quicksupport option enables quicker connectrion.

LiteManager can be installed on macOS, Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.

How to use LiteManager


To access the program the computer must install the LiteManager Pro-server.msi program contained in the downloaded Zip file. Ways to connect to the host computer includes using the IP address, computer name or ID.

The fastest way to connect is on the server program in the taskbar, right click and choose “connect by ID” empty the contents existing there and click connect to get a new ID.


The client must install the viewer to enable connection to the Host. client must enter the ID generated by the Host from the “connect by ID” option to initiate a remote connection to the Host computer.

  1. Allows spontaneous and portable remote access.
  2. Stores remote access to 30 computers
  3. Enables text chat
  4. Has several ways to connect to a remote computer
  5. Enables file transfer and it run on MacOS AND Windows OS.
  1. Difficult to update
  2. Options can be confusing.

 9. seecreen

Seecreen previously known as Firnass is a 500 kilobyte but powerful free remote access software that is excellent for instant support and on-demand support.

This program runs on Java and it’s a JAR  file. Sharing in this program is always initiated from the client computer.

The program allows for voice calls, record remote sessions, transfer files and initiate remote commands.

The program runs on MacOS, Linux OS,  Windows 10, 8, 7, vista and XP and other windows version.

How to use Seecreen           


First, open the program on the computer to be controlled. Create an account and log in, from there you can add users with their username or Email address.

Secondly, if you don’t want to add the contact, you can initiate connection by sharing your ID and password with the client. Host can add client to the unattended section, this give client’s unattended access to the host computer.


Just as always, the client computer needs to enter the host’s ID and password before connecting to the host computer. Once the client and the host computers are paired you can start sharing the screen.

But in seecreen, the screen sharing must be initiated from the client computer.

  1. The program allows for voice calls and text chat
  2. Works on Windows, Linux and Mac operating system
  3. Portable small program and supports file transfer
  4. Fastest and reliable way to get quick remote and on-demand access
  5. Enables desktop sharing.
  1. Remote printing not supported
  2. Clipboard synchronization not supported
  3. Recorded remote session video not in a usable format.

 10.  ScreenConnect

Screenconnect previously called ConnectWise is a free remote access program for IT support. This IT support enables users to fix computer problems even when away from the computer.

The program allows users to upgrade systems, uninstall application, and restart a computer and many more. Users can access screen sharing for many computers.

The program has a free version, $19 for 10 users and $35 for unlimited users. It runs on all version Windows OS, Apple OS, Linux OS, Android OS, Mac and iOS devices.

How to use ScreenConnect


First, to run the program you must install the access agent, then run the installer on the computer to install the control agent.

After installing the agent, the computer will be on the access page of the host. Just double-click on the session to join.


Client on the program, use the Host client feature to connect to the remote computer. The host client features includes “Blank Guest screen” or file transfer menu.

  1. Easy and simple user interface
  2. Fast cloud based option with geo-location options to the nearest cloud location
  3. Supports unattended access
  4. Provides fast and easy IT support without being on site
  5. Provides self-hosted services, which are constant updating to new versions.
  6. Easy and fast connecting to a remote computer
  7. Provides Reliable, user friendly and intuitive control
  1. Limited features to free version
  2. Complicated administration section
  3. Remote agent gets blocked by many Antivirus vendors
  4. No voice calls support.

There are too many remote access software’s in the world. We at just gave our best performing software’s so far.  Other remote access software that are great includes parallel access, splashtop, realVNC, Anyplace control, Logmeln, GoToMyPC, BeamYourScreen, DesktopNow, Comodo Unite, Windows Remote Desktop and more. Another is Teamviewer  but this software had in recent time critized but it’s still a good remote access Tool.









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