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  What is Google search console?

Google search console is  a free service offered by Google which helps monitor and maintain website presence on Google search result. Google search console helps you understand how Google views your site and optimize its performance in search result. This service makes it easier for your site to be found on the web. This was formerly “Google Webmaster Tool” (GWT).

Also, you can get your app on Google search console. As an App developer you can configure your mobile applications to be crawled and indexed by Google. Just like a website, properly configured apps appear as links in Google search result. This enables users get to your app quickly.

Why Google search console?

Google search console does the following:

Discover how Google search and the world espies your site

  • Do some queries result in more traffic to your site than others?
  • Which sites are linking to your website?
  • Which queries caused your site to appear in search result
  • Is your mobile site performing well for visitors searching on mobile?
  • Are your product prices, company contact information’s, or even ,are they highlighted in rich search results?

Monitor your site performance in Google search result

  • Makes sure that Google can access your content
  • Create and monitor content that delivers visually engaging search results
  • Submit new content for crawling and remove content you don’t want shown in search result
  • Monitor and resolve malware or spam issues for your site to stay clean
  • Maintain  your site with minimal disruption to search performance

Who should use Google search console?

Anybody with a website can use Google search console. From newbie to advanced, from generalist to specialist. Even business owners who delegates, SEO specialist or marketers, site administrators, web developers and app developers need Google search console.

Now having known what Google search console is all about and how it can help you as a website owner. Let’s go straight to how to add Google search console to your website.

Add Google search console to your website

Before you can add Google search console to your site you must have a Google account. Below are step by step approaches on how to connect you site to Google search console.

  1.  Go to Google search console, sign into your Google account and click add property.
  2. Once you click add property, type your website URL in the box and click add button. Please make sure you enter your complete website URL.
  3. Under the alternate methods tab, copy the code for the HTML tag.
  4. Log in to your wordpress website, on your dashboard click on the menu, and then click SEO.
  5. The SEO setting will expand, click on General
  6. Click on the “webmaster Tools” tab and add the code under “Google search console”. then click on “save changes”
  7. Go back to Google search console and click verify. Please check image in step 3, that’s the illustration.

   Congratulations! You have successfully connected your website to Google search console.

Having successfully connected your site to Google search console, Lets go over to getting familiar with the interface.
  • Click Through Ratio (CTR): This is a term we are familiar with. It is simply the number of clicks divided by the number of impressions.
  • Impression: Google has its unique way of counting impressions based on some factors. Impressions filters shows how many of your search engine result pages (serp) results people have seen.
  • Clicks: This filter shows how many clicks you’ve gotten from the search engine result page.
  • Queries: This option shows a list of search terms that brought users to your website.
  • Position: this option shows the position of your website topmost results.
  • Device: This option shows you the various devices used to search your website.
  • Page: This option show which of your website page appeared on search result.
  • Country: This options gives a list of countries were your search results is coming from.
  • Search type: Here, the methods used by the users to search your website are shown. If its image search, voice search or other.

Now is your turn. Is there anything about Google search console that we didn’t include?. Please do well to inform us from the comment box so we could indicate in our next update.


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