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Instagram is a video and image sharing social network owned by Facebook,it was launched in 2010 exclusively on iOS but after a year the android version was released. So far Instagram has remained the best platform in terms of sharing images, videos and real time stories. Also, its privacy policy has been in the fore front that you can share images and videos and no one can download. Instagram download is a problem to most users.

Despite the great features of Instagram,Instagram download is its major  limitations which has got the users worried. The biggest one is the inability of the users to download there favorite videos and images. the only way to get your favorite images is by screenshot which definitely requires cropping, and when you crop an image it will surely be pixelated and no one want such procedures just to get an image off Instagram. For videos theirs nothing to do about it.

I will tell you a way to download your favorite images and videos from instagram to your smartphone without rooting it.Here Instagram download is easy. Lets go straight to it.


The developer of GBinstagram is Atnfas Hoak, he also developed the dynamic GBwhatsapp and his apps has made it possible to install dual instagram on your smartphones as well as dual whatsapp. most people fear installing modded applications on there phones because of the issues they can cause to the smartphone,but the good news about GBinstagram is that you can install the application without getting banned and your credentials will be safe, it has also made Instagram download possible.

How GBInstagram Works

GBInstagram is thesame with Instagram,the only difference is the special customization and theming features and Instagram download features.its has custom codes and small files which helps the users enjoy theming, that is choose different themes and apply the themes customizing your Instagram to look exactly the way you want it, which is why you definitely need to download this application.



.Android version 4.0x and above

Downloading GBInstagram Version 1.50 APK 2018

Downloading GBInstagram is easy,you dont need to uninstall your normal Instagram, they can exist together because the package name of the both applications are different. So to enjoy unlimited instagram downloads click on the download button below to download the latest GBInstagram

download here

Installing GBInstagram

Installing the application,you might get an unknown source warning

Go to setting, click on security, then scroll down toggle on unknown sources to enable it

Go back and install

Open it on your phone and login your username and password. That is it your good to go

How to Download Images on GBInstagram

Downloading images on GBInstagram is very simple, once your logged in click on the image you want. see illustration below.

click the menu button

click download.

How download videos from GBInstagram

Follow the same procedure.

click on the menu buttonjayg

then click on download

You might also want to download a story you like,its also very simple. check illustration below

click on the story, then click the menu button on it

click on download


You now know how you can download your favorite Instagram images, videos and stories on you phone. also you can now comfortably download and install the latest GBInstagram application to your phone with no issues.I hope you found this article very helpful.

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