Awesome technological trends in 2018


The IT industry is unarguably one of the biggest industries in the world today. Based on the rapid growth in the IT industry new technologies are introduced for the benefit of the society. This technologies and applications introduced, performs specific tasks which before now where impossible or should I say a dream?

If we search the internet, Google play store and app store we would find out there are millions of lifestyle apps, on-demand apps, business apps, educational apps and many more. Because these mobile apps now make up an integral part of digital strategy, there demand has increased rapidly around the world.

Mobile app technology is advancing everyday leading to new trends being introduced on daily basis. Just in the first quarter of 2018, the IT industry confidence index got its highest rating. The industry has also witnessed a CompTIA consensus forecast project growth of 5% across the global technological sector in 2018 which in no time could increase to 7% plus range. With this technological breakthrough and the high demand for technology, most companies and organization will be forced to invest in the IT industry.

Therefore, having known a little about the IT industry and what we should expect from the industry in 2018. Let’s now go straight to the 5 latest technologies in the IT industry in 2018.

Latest Technologies in the IT Industry

  1. Internet Of  Things (IOT)internet of things

This involves extending internet connectivity beyond standard devices at any range embedded with technology. Internet of things is the network of physical devices such as vehicles, home appliances, desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets embedded with softwares, sensors, electronics, actuators, connectivity which enables the connectivity of these devices to exchange data, creating an avenue for more direct integrations of physical world into computer based systems which in turn will improve efficiency, economic benefits and reduce human exertions.

The number of devices on internet of things is at a rapid increase, in 2017 it had 8.4 billion devices in its network and it is estimated to have a whopping 30 billion devices by 2020. The global market value of internet of things is estimated as 7.1 trillion dollar by 2020. The internet of things technology is not a mystery anymore. Analysts predict more significant changes in this area before the end of 2018.

2. On-Demand Mobile App Development

With the recent developments in the IT industry it is difficult for one to stand out among competitors without an online presence. Today, to start a successful business that will thrive in the boosting economy and getting a wide audience to see your products and brand, you must have a website and a mobile application to evolve the business. This is the only way to increase your business sale, owing to this fact brings the on demand mobile app development in play.

This On demand mobile app comes with a lot of benefits which will help every business owner and these benefits includes, efficiency and employee satisfaction, brand security and scalability, access to unlimited business opportunities, on the go marketing and much more.

Therefore, on demand mobile app services are just few of the many opportunities occurring due to the technological advancement in the world today. On demand mobile app can be use anywhere and at your convenience. Its market just like the internet of things is improving rapidly providing many services. Most of on demand apps falls under the food ordering apps, car cleaning apps, taxi services, renting app and laundry services apps.

3. Augmented Reality (AR)augmented reality

This technology is just so amazing. The Augmented reality is an interactive experience of a real world environment where objects in real world are augmented by computer generated perceptual information. Sometimes, this information’s rides across multiple sensory modalities which includes, visual, olfactory, haptic, auditory and somatosensory.

Unlike visual reality which completely replaces the user real world environment with a simulated one, augmented reality just alters ones ongoing perception of a real world environment. Augmented reality is used to enhance natural environments and offer a perceptual enriched experience. With the help of augmented reality, information about their own surrounding in real world becomes interactive and digitally manipulatable.

The approach of regular applications or normal games is completely changed with augmented reality technology. In 2018 this technology in mobile device will receive new stimulating factor and probably become accepted broadly. Recently, Google and Apple just launched their own augmented reality kit which would help app developers to create high quality mobile applications.

4. Block chainblockchain

Talking cryptocurrency? Then Blockchain is your best bet. It is a growing list of records called blocks which are linked using cryptography. Also used in cryptocurrency are those that can are readable in the public. Its marketing sometimes is called “snake-oil”. Each blockchain blog contain a cryptographic hash of the previous, timestamp and a transaction data.

Inventing it in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamota was to serve as the public transaction ledger of the cryptocurrency bitcoin.This invention made it the first digital currency to solve the double-spending problem without the need of a trusted authority or central server.

Blockchain is just the technology behind cryptocurrencies. It’s a digital account book of economic transactions that can be programmed not only to record financial transactions but almost everything which has value. Adding value in different ways even in our businesses and lives. In no time this technology will become more prevalent in our everyday activities and business.

5. Beaconsbeacon

Beacon technology is one that is so important to talk about because of its eye catching features. The device is an intentionally conspicuous device designed to attract attention to a specific location and also added to other devices like semaphorics or other indicators to give important information or for pending weather forecast.

It can be used in different sectors of life. Some use of beacon includes; helps in guiding navigators to their destination, used for defensive communications, used in vehicles, in wireless networks and so on. Among the common users, the technology of beacons becomes more widespread.

However, it is almost likely that the society expect a technical revolution in beacons. Without Internet connection, beacon provides information.

  1. Virtual Reality (VR)virtual reality

Recall years back when we saw movies about virtual reality and then filled with the question “How I wish it was actually real?. Well?, The answer to that question is almost ready.  Improvements to virtual realities hardware and programming that will cut across industries even to the educational sector has been made since existence in the 1950’s.

Within a simulated environment, Virtual reality as an interactive computer generated experience takes place. It brings together many auditory and visual and other sensory feedback like haptic. But, this environment can be similar to real world environments. Also wonderful creating an experience that is not possible with ordinary physical reality. Most common virtual realities today use virtual reality headset or multi-projected environment.

This has been very popular in gaming, especially video games for several years and its trends are unbelievably expanding everyday. Eventually, Virtual reality is also likely to affect companies as they need to adapt to the technology. To help engage their customers more effectively and optimize their sales and trading efforts.Virtual reality is potentially a very useful tool in learning for the educational sector.

7. Artificial Intelligence (AI)artificial intelligence


In contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals, it is demonstrated by machines. It is applied in machines to imitate “cognitive-functions” that human associates with fellow human-minds such as “problem solving and learning”. The major goals of the human intelligence include; knowledge reasoning, planning, machine learning, natural language processing, robotics, computer vision etc.

It appears to be the game changer in mobile application development. In 2017, Apple allowed developers to integrate siri into their application. Meanwhile, only bigger companies can afford to develop mobile applications with it because it is expensive. Hopefully before 2018 runs out, the rule might change.

8. Digital Wallet Appdigital app wallet

Digital wallet is an electronic device or online service which allows an individual to make electronic transactions. These transactions include purchasing items online with a computer or using your smartphone to purchase something in a store. It has both a software and information component. The software provides security and encryption for personal information and for the transaction.

Based on the latest advancement in the world and the increase in civilization most customers prefer to pay digital cash even during offline shopping in malls. The increase in M-commerce and the introduction of Google wallet and Apple pay, the trend is getting stronger everyday especially in 2018. With digital wallet customers will get more comfortable with payment options and organizations can gather data and offer comprehensive analysis about customers in a good way.

Latest Technologies in Education

Education as we know is the process of imparting knowledge, skills, facts and ideas. Technology in education continuously improves the activities of educating, teaching or instructing. It has created different ways for acquiring new learning skills or experiences and has necessitated innovations to achieve educational core goals. Here we outlined 2 amazing technological trends in the educational sector.

  1. STEAM- Stem and Artssteam

The great pedagogical point of view to increase the digital reading and writing abilities of students and pupils has motivated large number of students to adopt technological based subjects recently. This trend has greatly influenced students and also developed them to effectively transfer these skills for future challenges.

The deployment of technology in education amid the greater use of these technologies across the curriculum and also, the combination of elements of creativity in STEM subjects has increased the accessibility in pupils and there engagement in different types of learning experiences.

  1. Cloud-Based Technologycloud based technology

The incorporation of cloud-based technology in education has made learning process simpler and straight forward. With cloud-based technology a student will no longer worry about lost or deleted documents or files neither will they worry about buying many USB flash drives to save their projects, contents, assignments etc.

This technology has pave way for teachers to make larger their reach and share information’s easily at no cost. Cloud based-technology with its centralized storage for resources, information’s can be easily stored and shared on the cloud.

Latest Technologies in Automobile

Every new car buyer definitely spends more time checking the cars external look and build but spends less time checking the technologies associated with the car. The interaction between the driver and its vehicle occupants is of great importance. Here we outlined 5 awesome technologies you should check out for before buying a car.

  1. Apple Carplay and Android Autoapple car play

This technology works like plug n play. You just have to plug in your smartphone and BOOM!! You’re in control of that big screen, more familiar and easy to use.

It provides a simplified control systematic plan to access your maps, music and the voice-control feature in your smartphone and at the same time, prevents unneeded complicated systems that come with the car. Manufacturers promised to add this features to cars but many do not, so before purchasing a car check it to know if the car has the right option and verify to if its supported by your  smartphone.

  1. Connected Mobile Appsconnected mobile app

Smartphones has replaced everything even the way we interact with our cars. This apps enables car owners to remotely lock and unlock car doors, check fuel and tire pressure status and remotely start the car on cold weathers to warm things up.

Most  car manufactures include  this smartphone Apps on their cars but some don’t, some also do but no exclusive, so before buying a car check for Apps that can perform this actions. Ensure to know if it has a monthly or annually or yearly subscription fee for its service as this varies depending on manufacturers.

  1. Rear Cross Traffic Alertrear cross traffic alert

Driving out of parking lots can be very difficult even with rear-view camera; it’s still a very dangerous exercise. That’s where the Rear cross traffic alert comes to play.

Gratitude to sensors built in the rear of cars, Rear cross traffic alert just as the name implies alerts you to incoming vehicles, and pedestrians who might wander behind your car without you observing. Rear cross traffic alert comes with standard loud beeps and some cars automatically brake prior to collision. Always check to know if this tech is associated with the car before purchase.

Latest Technologies among Java Developers

According to Wikipedia, java is a general-purpose computer programming language that is class-based, object-oriented, concurrent and specifically designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible.            If you’ll agree with me that having the core java knowledge is a major criterion to excel in various software areas and in programming language. Below are proven latest technologies among java programmers in 2018.

  1. Java EE 8java8

Java EE 8 comes with many features and supports many new java technology specification, including

  • Enhancement and update of the JSON-P (JSON Processing api)
  • Javaserver faces 2.3 use for building server side user interfaces (UI).
  • Emphasizing asynchronous event with CDI (Context and Dependency Injection).
  • Java EE security API, supporting paaS and cloud paradigms.
  • HTTP/2 support in Java servlet, support for Java sent event JAX-RS, Reactive client API JAX-RS version 2.1.
  • Providing a binding layer for converting to and from JSON messages Java objects.
  1. Java 9java9

Java 9 formally java platform standard edition V9 is the most charming technology to learn in 2018. With its amazing features which includes:

  • Improvement to Java 9 streams API. This is to improve data processing declaratively while influencing multicore architectures.
  • To improve performance and to allow extension, Java 9 allows cache code to be divided into segments.
  • Improvement in Javascript backing
  • Inclusion of HTTP/2 Client API.
  • Improvement on HTML5 and Unicode support, and the addition of DTLS security API.
  1. Springspring

Spring is another amazing technology most Java programmers need to learn in 2018. It is provides varieties of programming and configuration models for modern based java application on any java platform. Its core element is the infrastructural support at the application level.


Latest Technologies in the Medical Sector

The advent of new technologies has rapidly improved the abilities of doctors and other medical workers to deliver their services for the benefits of the patients.

Recently, many medical technology industries  are now more focused on manufacturing products that deliver faster, cheaper, reliable and more efficient patients care.

Here are some of the latest technologies found in the medical sector.

  1. Sapien transcatheter aortic valvetranscatheter oartic valve

The sapien transcather aortic valve manufactured by Edwards life Sciences(Irvine, CA) is a lifesaving alternative to open heart surgery for patients who need a new valve but can’t endure the high level of difficulty involved in the operation.

The sapien transcather aortic valve is designed to replace a patient’s bad or damaged  aortic valve without the normal open heart surgery. The valve is introduced into the body using a catheter based delivery system.

  1. Smart inhalerssmart inhaler

As we know, inhaled bronchodilators and corticosteroids are the fundamental treatment for asthma. These inhalers are more effective when they are used correctly.

Smart inhalers are Bluetooth enabled technology which detects inhalers use, gather data to help guide care and also reminds patients when to take their medications. This devices also tracks and improve patients adherence to asthma and also keep their condition under control.

  1. Electronic Aspirinelectronic aspirin

According to Global Burden of Disease Study Worldwide in 2013, Headache disorders are the third highest cause of lost years due to disability. The technology is designed to relieve pain from headaches, migraines and tension headaches.

The implant of ATI neurostimulator permanently in the upper gum using electronic aspirin involves a less invasive surgery. Above the second molar, the lead tip is attached to the SPG (Sphenopalatine Ganglion Blocks) bundle which targets the main cause of the disorder directly.

The device can be implanted on anybody as it has no health related restrictions. It can be implanted into people with allergies, heart disease or high blood pressure.

Conclusively, just as people are different so also user preference differs. Above are my best performing technologies in the various sectors in 2018, there are many more out there.








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