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When we talk about making money from a blog or website, the things that come to our mind is Google AdSense, affiliate programs and the rest.
The simple truth is that you can monetize your blog or website with Google AdSense but getting an AdSense account for your website or blog is not a guarantee to make money from your website.
You can only make money from Google AdSense when you generate enough genuine traffic which is in accordance with Google Algorithm to your website or blog. See our article on the amazing truth about blogging
Generating traffic to your website or blog doesn’t only lie on good contents. There are many website and blog on the web with good contents but finds it difficult to drive quality traffic to it.
“I have good contents on my website, I always have good yoast SEO readability scores but I don’t drive enough visitors to my website”. My bounce rate is high what should I do?


What is Branding?

According to business

Branding is the process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers’ mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. it aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.

Branding is the process either name, color or symbols use to distinguish a product from another. It’s what makes your website unique from another website in your niche.
Branding your website or blog is the first and most necessary step to take as a newbie to gaining more awareness and high recognition on the web.
Consistency in a brand can drive huge traffic to a website or blog. It puts you in a solid rock around your niche. In this post are amazing tools you can use to brand your website or blog and make good cash.
  1. Clearly state your Brand Vision

Every successful business always has its own vision. This vision includes the mission statement and the core values.
Before starting a blog or website clearly state out the vision of the website. Where do I want to go with my website, how do I achieve my website goals, how can I satisfy my audience needs. If you can answer these questions in one or two sentences you have made the first and most important step to branding your website and blog.
  1. Identify your Niche

If you have already defined your mission statement, vision and values, now you have to define your niche.
We at kabsedo always encourage newbies to venture into a niche based on their abilities. For example, if you’re well branded in technological trends it will be very nice to venture into technology niche and not SEO tips.
Going into a niche you’re well branded in makes it easier to adapt and explore in the niche even as a newbie. This is because most people are visiting your website or blog to get information and solutions to problems encountered around the niche.
Choosing a logo for your website or blog is also very important as a newbie. Like stated earlier choose a logo, image or form that best fits your mission statement, vision and core values.
Being consistent with your font color scheme will also help make visitors familiarize with your website. This in turn will  boost your blog or website awareness among people.
Additionally, be consistent with the fonts you use for Titles, Text, Headers, Pins and other forms.
  1. Colors

Nothing excites me more than talking about colors. Colors bring out the rhythm in your writing. The color scheme of every website plays a vital role in the search appearance of the website on the web.
When it has to do with color scheme, set at least 3 colors. These colors are to be used consistently for your website logo, fonts, social media platform and images.
Deciding on the right colors to use might be confusing most times. Because of this, we advise using HTML Color picker to choose and experiment on the chosen colors. Always ensure to choose colors from the same color family.
In this process, always write down the color code as it will always  help. it also helps designing program to always identify the exact color for the the website. Consistency in your website or blog color scheme will always increase your blog or website awareness on the web. You can start by checking out our article on How to start a wordpress blog on bluehost.
  1. Consistent Social Media Activitybluehost

Being consistent with your social media accounts is another traffic booster to website and blogs. These social media account includes twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, pinterest, tumblr and other accounts.
Just like in your website, follow the same font and color scheme in all your social media accounts. This will help streamline all the people that come across your website and in turn boost your brand’s awareness.
Our advice is always being present on your Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest accounts. Always use the same fonts, profile picture and header to always put your brand in the forefront.
Themes are also nice in creating a unique brand. They help give website or blogs that amazing beautiful professional design even without consulting a graphic designer.
Using themes to brand your blog or website you just need to set it up to adapt to the fonts and colors on the website or blog. . You can start by checking out our article on How to start a wordpress blog on bluehost.
Conclusively try to use all the above listed branding techniques on your website or blog and you will be amazed at the outcome.
I sincerely hope this article was helpful to help brand your website or blog. Please let us know if you have any questions. if you have additional information to tell us about branding please let us know.








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