Tailwind is a scheduling tool for Pinterest. It is a multi-purpose marketing tool which can be used to post pins from your website or blog. Ultimate scheduling with tailwind is fast and easy.

With tailwind you can upload images quickly, schedule your pins, measure and analyze how pins perform and reach new audiences using tailwind tribes.

Most of tailwind features are focused on Pinterest but it also has Instagram publishing and scheduling.

When I saw a post on the web about Tailwind as a scheduling tool I was amazed so I jumped straight to it. Just like jumping into the sea without knowing how to swim you will definitely drown and sink, so I was drowning on Tailwind.

So because of the difficulty I had while adapting to Tailwind I decided to write an article about Tailwind so even a beginner can use the tool without stress or difficulty.


With tailwind you can:

  • Schedule pins at any desirable time
  • Extend website audience through Tailwind Tribe
  • Track how pins are performing
  • Upload pictures fast

Tailwind has amazing features which makes it a very useful tool for scheduling than other scheduling tools.

    1. Scheduling
    2. Analytics and reporting
    3. Pinterest monitoring
    4. Tailwind tribes


The schedule feature in tailwind is so amazing. The scheduler calculates the desirable time to pin your posts on Pinterest and pins them automatically with no stress. With this feature you need not to worry about when to post. All you need it just upload your contents in bulk and schedule using Tailwind scheduler.

Scheduling with tailwind is a big time-saver.

Scheduling with tailwind is a big time-saver how?

Let consider the scenario of sharing an image on pinterest. As we all know posting on pinterest is not just all about uploading, you have to post to some Boards. These Boards includes other group boards, so you really need to repeat the pinning process many times which is time consuming and might look little spammy.

So, using the normal social sharing button, you might spend the whole day pinning one post and most of it will end up as spam.

But with Tailwind schedule, you can just save the image to Tailwind. Select schedule now to choose which board to publish on. Then smart schedule to specify the time and days you want your pins to be published.

Images can be uploaded to Tailwind using the Web browser extension, bulk upload directly from your computer and schedule Re-pins from Pinterest.

Familiar terms on tailwind scheduler

Save for later option- this saves your images in my draft folder

Schedule now option- this option specifies the minimum time interval between each post

Smart scheduler option- this is where you set the times and days your pins will be published

 Dotted time slots- this are tailwind’s smart suggestions for you. This helps schedule your pins to publish on the best times.

How to schedule on Tailwind


  1. Download Tailwind button for Google chrome
  2. Generate your smart schedule

How to generate smart schedule

  1. Click on Menu
  2. Go to publish
  • Go to your schedule
  1. Click on Generate new smart schedule
  2. Go to define Posts/day.
  3. Upload pins from blog to scheduler
  4. Select pins. You can choose multiple pins, then click on GO SCHEDULE
  5. Select the boards to pin to
  6. Click schedule
  7. Click menu and check if schedule is filling up

How to check if pins are filling up

  1. Click on menu
  2. Go to publish
  • Then click on scheduled pins
  1. Your pins are automated.


Board list is a group of boards in the same category on pinterest. The list allows for clustering of boards and enables pinning to several boards with just one click.

How to create Board List on Tailwind


  1. On the menu go to publish and then click on board list
  2. Click + to add a list
  3. Add similar boards to the list
  4. Change list name to desired name
  5. Pin using Tailwind button


Analytics and reporting on tailwind is a feature enabled by the official pinterest API. The analytics and reporting on tailwind measures and analyze how your pins are performing on pinterest.

With tailwind reporting and analytics feature, you can track board insight, individual pin level inspector and profile trends.

Board Insights

The board insight option gives similar details on pinterest board level. With board insights filter you can select between private, individual and group boards. Get pins, re-pin or comments, followers insights and total engagement and viral scores for the past 7 days with board insight.

With board insight data can be sorted by each column and engagement. But sorting by engagement puts backup and cloud storage at the top.

Pin Inspector

This tailwind option you see breakdown to the performance of individual pins. This data is displayed in a tabular format. The pin inspector is set different. You can have pin inspector 1 to pin inspector 6 each performing different tasks.

With pin inspectors you can reschedule pins, add pins to one or more tailwind tribes and also to find similar contents.

Profile Performance

With profile performance you can view weekly totals for followers, re-pins, pins and comments. Also virality and engagement levels can also be analyze to ensure resonating of pins.

Results shown comprise current scores, 30 day high and 30 days average scores.


Monitor pinterest using Tailwind by connecting to Google Analytics. When you connect your tailwind account to Google analytics enables you to monitor your domain and track how well your contents are performing organically.

Imbedded on pinterest monitoring includes organic activities, referral traffic and insights tabs.

Organic Activity

This shows the performance of your latest pins. It also identifies with no stress common keywords and topics when used in Word Cloud.

Organic activity helps with pinterest optimization. Re-pins and comment button takes you to pinterest.

Referral Traffic

This report shows your daily average visits, pageviews, visitors and revenue. Its is an amazing feature included in Tailwind.


The tab includes a potential impression data which is available as a paid feature. This tab show all daily average pinners and pins from the last 7 days.

 Tailwind Tribes

Just like boards on Pinterest, Tailwind tribe is a platform designed to encourage friendliness among tailwind users.

With about 4000 tailwind tribes to select from, it’s reliable and user friendly. Tailwind tribe encourages a collaborative, friendly and spam-less environment where like minds share each other’s contents.

Are you a blogger or a marketer? And you’re looking for a platform to get steady high quality content supplies to share? And also want your content to be seen by the right people? Then Tailwind tribe is the answer to your question.

Finding Tailwind Tribe

The secret to succeeding with Tailwind Tribes is searching for great tribes around your Niche. Always look for tribes related to the contents you create.

Use the FIND A TRIBE tab to search for tailwind tribes by categories, tags and keywords. If you’ve found a tribe, before Requesting to join the Tribe check if it will be suitable for you by check:

  • The number of Tribe-mates
  • The Tribe rules
  • Contents on the Tribe
  • Re-shares on contents on the Tribe.

If they are all ok by you, you can then Request to join. Once accepted you can see tribe members and pins they have shared.

Adding contents to Tailwind Tribe you can use the Tailwind browser extension. Tailwind tribe don’t allow for duplicate pins. Any already pinned pin on the Tribe cannot be re-pinned, if you do you will be warned not to.

Also on Tailwind, every week you receive a tribe weekly digest. This report gives the performance overview of your tribe and you for the week.

You can also create a tailwind tribe of your own on your desired topic.

How to join a Tailwind Tribe


  1. Click on menu button
  2. Go to Tribes
  3. Click on find tribe. You can either use a keyword or scroll through the categories
  4. Search for tribes with much tribe-mates, contents and content re-shares
  5. Click on Request to join
  6. Post on tribe with guide from tribe rules and regulations.


Additionally, Tailwind gives out a free high level performance report send to your mail box every week. Increase blog traffic with branding

In summary with Tailwind analytics and reporting, it is now easy to understand how your contents on pinterest are performing. Not just that, immediate actions can be taken by you to ensure good performance by re-pinning your best performing contents.



The tailwind interval tool is an awesome tool from Tailwind which most Tailwind users have not discovered.

How does the interval tool work?

The interval tool works by pinning your pins to several boards over time intervals. These intervals could be once or twice a day, every day, twice a week, every week in a month etc. you can set the interval tool to your own time frame.

How to Setup the interval Tool


  1. On your blog or pinterest, click on Tailwind pin button
  2. Choose a pin
  3. Click on Save Pin for Later
  4. Go to Tailwind
  5. On Tailwind, click on publish and then to draft
  6. Choose a pin
  7. Click on choose a board
  8. On the button at the bottom of pin, click on Use interval
  9. Set the interval

How to set interval

  1. Open the time slot to set the time
  2. Optimized
  • Exact
  1. Click on schedule
  2. Just go and sleep and watch Tailwind do the magic for you.


For ultimate and reliable scheduling you need Tailwind. The tool is very good for blogs and website and also other social media networks like pinterest.

The scheduling feature on Tailwind has taken care of every time being online posting. The interval tool on Tailwind has also taking care of the time interval per post posting and also the number of times per day or week to post.

Meet with influencers, like minded bloggers, get reshares and shares and share your contents on Tailwind Tribes.

Tailwind is indeed a time saver.

Now it’s your turn. Is your favorite Tailwind feature omitted in this post? Or are you having any issue with the Tailwind tool, please let us know from the comment session.


















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