How to use whatsapp when its Obsolete


IS YOUR WHATSAPP APP OBSOLETE? Are you tired of updating your whatsapp application?. Is it possible to use whatsapp even when its obsolete?. This questions is always in the minds of  whatsapp users because of the anger which thew message ” update whatsapp” creates in them. This message indeed is most times very annoying though. But the good news is that there’s a solution to this problem. In this article we’ll be exposing you to the little trick to overcome this.

Whatsapp Application

Whatsapp is an application owned by, it is has a freeware and cross platform messaging and a voice over IP services. The application runs on mobile devices and can be accessible from computer desktops. The app allows the sending of text messages, video call, voice call, images, document as well as user location.

The service requires a user to provide a standard cellular mobile number to use it. whatsapp is an application whose software runs in both android and iOS, windows phone, Symbian as well as BlackBerry OS, there other web app clients that works only in the presence of a connected mobile app client and these includes Windows,macOS  and Web app.

Why Do I Need This Tip

We all know how exciting and fun filled whatsapp messenger can be most times, especially when you have active contacts and groups, Also, most people use there whatsapp to run their various  businesses. Now comes the pop up update whatsapp. This is why we at kabsedo have analyzed the little problems this message “update whatsapp” can cause to individuals especially those using there whatsapp messenger for business purposes. Yes it the problem might look small but it can cause a very big problem to us individually and also to our businesses as well.

We highlighted the problems as follows:

To Individuals

  • Imagine the scenario where your chatting with a close relative and the message comes “update whatsapp” to some people it’s no big deal they have data they can easily go to Google play store and update but to some people they might not have enough data to update which is now a problem because the conversation is lost.
  • What of in cases where you have enough data on your phone to update and around the location you’re in at the moment there no network from your service providers to enable you update the app; this means automatically also you’ve lost the conversation.

To Business

  • Imagine you have a business group where you run presentations and answer questions concerning your product.  And in the middle of a presentation the “update whatsapp” message comes. Also, other cases what if client in confused about a product and request a video clarification and just about uploading the video the message “update whatsapp” comes up. For a business whatsapp the issue of not having data to update it, is not usually and issues. What if there’s no good network by service providers to update. Let me remind us that even the slowest network can send message on whatsapp but you need a good network from your service providers to access Google play store.

Now you see that either ways this message “update whatsapp” is doing us more harm than good. So,  to individuals and to our business  we need the solution. Now let’s go straight into the main business, or go straight to watch the video Here. You can get our other article on ways to download videos on instagram.

Use Whatsapp APP When Obsolete or Out Of Date


When your  whatsapp app  shows the message “update whatsapp”.


  1. Go to settings on your phone menu
  2. On settings click on date and time
  3. On date and time setting, turn off automatic date and time, also turn  off automatic time zone, then click on set date
  4. Take phone’s date backwards, say for example 18 august 2017 and then go back to your whatsapp application
  5. In most devices your good to go, but some devices you still need to adjust time and date, if it comes this way, no need to panic, just on click adjust date
  6. Now adjust your time forward, for example 21 Feb 2018
  7. Head to the whatsapp application  and your good to go.

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Now you can now enjoy using your whatsapp unlimited, no more getting upset when your whatsapp application goes obsolete. Hope this tips was helpful. Please also let your friends know about this trick by clicking the share button below. Follow our Facebook page and subscribe to our community for daily update on trending tech news.



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