Effective Ways You can make money onlin as a Student (full tips)


Here are effective ways to earn online as a student:

Image result for photo of student1. Freelancing: A lot of people do think freelancing is all about writing which is wrong, freelancing involves learned skills you can render to those who need them for money. You can be a web or graphics designer, a translator (language), a programmer, a singer, a photographer, just name it. Freelance is wide and there is always room for everyone.

Now, let’s make an example on this; As a blogger and with writing skills, I get paid for writing for other people. I get paid 1+ Naira per word and I write a minimum of 1000 words for them, that’s a whopping 1000 Naira. I can write articles of such length up to 3 times a day. You know how much that is.

2. Becoming a middleman: This one is common here in my school but I tell you, it pays off. It involves you being a link between the buyer and the seller. These two won’t know themselves, all they hope is that they are making direct and real transactions with you. Let me explain further;

As I mentioned earlier that this is common in my school, I have a friend who does this. He went to a phone accessories shop and made inquiries on prices they sell some phone accessories. He then went ahead to make a medium advert banner for this, on the banner, he added the pictures of some accessories and their prices (he already added his gains to the price) and included the service “Pay On Delivery”. I first wondered how he would go about this but I tell you it paid off.

Did he invest a bit money, How? Whenever he receives an order call, he goes to the store, pays with his money, delivers to the buyer and he gets his money back with profits.

That’s how being a middleman works, it requires intelligence and trust.

3. Selling of wears and jewellery: this cannot be left out, don’t ever think only women can do this. Both ladies and guys have to wear things and look good. Ladies can’t do without fashion on campus so are guys, why not get some good looking and quality dresses, shoes,watches, hairbands, etc. When you can make money with them.

You can start with underwear and shower caps as a lady and guys can start with wristwatches, under wears, caps. After getting all this according to you capital, you can market them among your friends and by going to other hostels too.

The funniest fact I observed about this is that sales tend to be huge when opposite sex sells to people, I mean when a female goes around with males wears, she make sales so as in males too.

4. Making some fast food: this might seem odd to you but it’s on the list. I remembered going to OAU for an examination, at night, whenever I am out to read, I came across students making noodles for other students and making their money, the one I love most is the bread and egg, yummy! So sweet.

I do buy at #200 depending on bread size and egg numbers. Then, it was #50 bread and 2 eggs at #20 each, that’s #90 in total but I paid #200. Imagine the gains of the seller after subtracting ingredients cost at the end of each day’s sale.

5. Blogging: a lot of students are into this but few are successful and even some haven’t known this. I love this aspect well because of ts what I do. You can’t make quick money with this method, you have to be hardworking and Patience.

Once you are having enough people reading your blog (traffic), you can start to make money, this is what kabsedo is all about, so you can read through our articles to get started.

6. Typing and photocopying: this is a must for students, we can do away with this, its either we do some handouts or assignment. You can grab this chances to make money for yourself.

Not all students have the time to roam around to so photocopying and typing, you can get ahead of the class and do it in large quantity and take them to class, charge a moderate fee, #30-#50 ain’t bad as gains. Imagine you have over 200 students in class and they 100 buys from you at #30 profit each, that a whooping #3000 for you.

Believe me, you can do up to 5 jobs because it depends on how you have the time. Don’t just sit down and chat all day, you too can be making a living all by yourself while in school.

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