A Lady who turned down her boyfriend’s proposal for marriage on her birthday speaks why.


This Nigeian lady has been trending on social medias for turning down the marriage proposal from he boyfriend and people thinks she is stupid for doing such. just recently she took to  Instagram to explain why she did what she did. She is simply identified as @symply_tacha.

In her explanations it simply seemed to be specifically in self defence.

The lady who said her boyfriend’s move was ill-planned and his marriage proposal wanted to ruin her birrthday celebration, wrote;

NB: After reading her comments you will never blame her again, you could do worse if you were in her shoes.

‘I’m sorry i dissapointed my friends and family present there, its my fucking birthday, why ruin it with an engagement, did you talk to me about it??!! NO! now i have people insulting and calling me names on blogs! I blame you Enzo
you fucked my bestfriend (Kandy) and also slept with her kid sister, how did you ever expect me to forgive you!! I feel very embarrased i have been crying i regret saying yes to you in the bus on our way to Oyo. You played me💔💔💔
What will people say about me, you embarrased me at the mall!!!
I will never forgive myself lord knows’

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