See the list of worst to best hotels in Federal polytechnic Oko (photos)

See the Best Hotels in Federal Polytechnic Oko the first will shock you.

The students of Federal Polytechnic Oko are always out to be very very dramatic when it comes to going out and socialising within the school environ, and they never could understand better where and what to do when it comes to going out for fun, seeking places for top class events and stuffs like such.

This information about the best hotels in the vicinity of Federal Polytechnic Oko is still a myth to the students at large and the entire inhabitants of the area even the higher class men and women, lecturers of the Great institution and everyone at large.

We shall start by the lowest of the hotels to the highest amongst them, the lowest of the hotels is;


This is the oldest and the most unpatronized hotels in the vicinity as it was recorded from 2012-2017 that only 4 school activities have been conducted in the hotel considering the low price of the ground for events. It is only good for these Traditional Band Boys singers and also for cheap and accommodatable lodging:

See photo:


This is one of the oldest hotels in the vicinity with a tattered structure and an old body. It has already been renovated but has never met the requirements of the new structures. See photo:


This is a high profiled hotel as of the year 2012 but currently turned into students lodge as it is far not returning the investments made into it. It is more profiled and structured than the Enoop hotels as it. Has more outskirt for fun as per baseball arena and table tennis for fun.


This is considerably a high-class hotel with a new structure not withstanding. But it didn’t meet some necessary needs of the customers as it never had a swimming pool and much spacing. It is slightly lower in comparison to The MORREN-XRIS HOTELS due to some specifications it didn’t have.

See photo:


This is almost the best hotel in the area of Federal Polytechnic Oko just that the structure is being superseded by the structure of the best hotel. Nonetheless, it is considerably the second runner up in the best hotels in Oko.


This is undisputedly the best hotel in the school environment as many students and many people already knew. The hotel contained every of the little things which could be needed by anyone who is having a plan to lodge in a hotel.

If you have ever wondered where and how to spend your weekend, we’ve got you covered, Tripple tree is the best choice for ya.

To the students who are still contemplating the best hotels in Oko, I hope you’re now cleared about the best of the best hotels in Oko.




  1. Triple tree is modern enough for birthday and students-coloured events. But what happened to our most-loved amagnus hotel?

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