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I have been a blogger for quite some time now, say a year and I can hopefully say I have suffered a lot of fates from bot traffics and invalid Adsense clicks. This has brought me to the consequences of losing my Adsense account two consecutive times, at last, I resorted to my last account which is still under probation.

I asked a friend and a fellow blogger (Admin @ if there was any solution and he offered I use the Adsense invalid click protector plugin for WordPress users. I first went to my plugin section and inscribed the name of the plugin and installed it and activated it. I then optimised and structured the plugin as I would want it and limit the number of Adsense clicks I can accept to be the highest clicks in my Adsense account to avoid click fraud.

I limited the number of clicks I can accept in my Adsense account to only 2 clicks but nonetheless, I still have options to choose from as to say make the clicks higher like 6-7 clicks. I also limited the number of visitors per day in my WordPress website so that one visitor can only be allowed seven times on my website and any visits more are counted as one.

The good review of the Adsense invalid click protector:

You have the right to choose how many clicks to your Adsense account to be allowed.  Using this WordPress plugin is as safe as anything when it comes to protecting your Adsense account as it is seen that many bloggers are now suffering the fate of invalid clicks from other users of their websites. Sometimes these clicks are as a result of traffic sources which do not comply with Adsense policies or some uninterested users who are only visiting your website to harm your Adsense account by illegitimate ads clicks. This plugin can be considered a way to stop these invalid clicks and safeguard your website and Adsense account from being disabled.

Setting the number of users to allow per day:

Here you can get to choose how many times you’ll be leaving a single user to visit your website and you serve yourself the right to limit the user visits to 1 user per day or even more. With this, it is quite obtainable that your Adsense account is safe considering a single user is counted as only visiting your website once even if he visits 30 times and so is the clicks exerted on the websites ads.

These reviews made this plugin a very useful tool that most WordPress users don’t know about.

Truthfully, using this plugin makes your WordPress site yield fewer visitors and your Adsense account revenue is reduced by half but it is quite more reasonable to limit revenue than having your Adsense account banned.

Happy blogging WordPress users.

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