My 100% Positive Experience with Uber Nigeria Customer Support


Sharing reviews (irrespective of negative or positive) has formed part of my regular routine since I found my way to the internet. I’ve written lots of review in the past and would like to share my 100% positive experience with Uber Nigeria customer service some weeks ago.

Before I dig into the review proper, I’ll like to say one or two things to those that might be hearing about Uber Nigeria for the first time.

About Uber Nigeria

Uber Nigeria a digitalized Taxi service that lets luxurious car owners to monetize their leisure by registering their vehicles for Uber services. They normally accept 4-door vehicles  from year 2005 upwards and charges users via the credit card that’s linked to their Uber account.

At the moment, their services in Nigeria is limited to Lagos and Abuja FCT, Nigeria metropolis.

My Positive Experience

Few weeks back, I went on a business trip to Lagos and had to use the services of Uber Nigeria for movements within the city.

Prior to this trip, I had about NGN1,000 Uber credit left in my account. The credit was as a result of a user I refereed to their services.

While at Anthony taxi park, I booked for an Uber ride  and was told that the available driver is just a few seconds away. I got a confirmation call from the driver who was actually not far away from where I was.

But then, there was an issue along the line. The Uber driver went to the wrong Anthony park (the one at GTB, while I was at VIO stand) and keep saying incoherent things on the phone.

After waiting for about 15 minutes (and sweating in the hot sun), I decided to cancel the trip and had Uber bill me for their NGN1,000 cancellation fee.

I immediately booked for another Uber driver that got the location aright and didn’t take as much time to arrive. While in motion, I contacted Uber CS about the ridiculous ₦1K charge as the driver was obviously at fault.

As if the 1k charge above wasn’t enough another bigger mess occurred. The new driver dropped me off at my location, yet the Uber app was still counting.

I called the driver to complain and also asked him to turn off the trip from his end. He confirmed it was already turned off  on his device, but mine was still reading.

Mine didn’t stop reading until I turned on the mobile Wi-Fi device to support my data. I complained to Uber CS and got the biggest shock.

They did not only apologized, but refunded my ₦1k cancellation fee and the extra charges to my account. I was the more-shocked because I pushed them to the limit and got no insulting remarks, but resolves that really solved the various challenges.

Here’s some screen shots to our back-to-back messages.

Uber Nigeria Personal experience
after the first contact.
Uber Nigeria CS experiences
Here, I stressed on the issues, to see what their reaction to it would be.
Uber services review
Their first resolve!
Uber Lagos review
Here, the 1st refund was made, but with an error as my CC was billed again.
My Uber Lagos experiences.
I pushed them further with screen shots and got my full refund.

In Summary

Uber  Nigeria really got it right, judging from this particular experience.  Would be lovely to see the other Nigerian companies treating the issue of customer care/support as a serious one.

Credit: Shared exclusively to Kabsedo by Obasi Miracle of
PS: Share your Uber Nigeria personal experiences (as a partner or user) in the comment section below.

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